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Sophie's Big Fat To-Do List

On a writer's forum I visit occasionally, there's a post asking what odd topics we've googled in our quests for background knowledge. With domestic spying such a hot topic, I often consider my own habits online, and am constantly surprised Homeland Security's never shown up at my door. My own fiction-writing searches are bad enough, but then I have to factor in children that love military history, weapons, blacksmithing, physics, fireworks, rocket science, and molecular biology among other things. I sound suspicious to ME.

My current topics include:
geology, chemistry, biology, linguistics, morphology, entomology, ornithology, conservation of species, animal husbandry, horticulture, botany, climate change, and several ancient histories and languages.

All of which certainly sound better than when I was searching for criminal justice topics related to murder and rape! But every so often I run a spurious search for a phrase like “publishing a novel” or “writing fiction”, so hopefully the NSA figures it out before buying plane tickets!

Sister Stef's Reference Book

My sister- the copycat!- wrote a book, too, in a genre unlike anything I've seen before. Just to completely one-up me, she also started her own publishing company and invited other authors to submit work in her whole-new-genre- Choose A Sexy Ending Erotica!

Her first book, TheSEXaurus:Sexy Words for Writers, is available now at CASEebooks, Amazon, Smashwords, etcetera....and, believe me, a reference book has never been steamier.

P.S.- If you notice some similarities in our cover art, it's because Stef's kind, generous, loving, patient, intelligent older sister did the cover art for her! I expect kickbacks when she gets rich and famous!

Wow! I used a lot of exclamation marks in this post! I must have bunked Fiction Writing 101 that day.

PS- Please excuse broken links, etcetera, while website construction is completed.