Perjury & Prose

Former artist Auden Jones lucked into a pretty good life.

People actually pay her to talk.

Ten years ago a bloody accident stole her hand, her husband, and most of her memories, but she's managed to find the one career on earth where her symptoms are a plus. On stage the rude truths flying from her mouth are witty epigraphs, clever segues into the philosophy she invented while re-learning her legs, lips, and the English language.

Auden is a little worried someone might discover her drawn-out disaster of a personal life... right up until she decides perjury is the only way to protect the sister who hates her... and a reporter starts poking around in the toxic ashes of their past.

Then she's a lot worried. Because if her secret "hobby" should become public knowledge, Auden knows she'll lose everything she's been working to build.

Still, she lived through a trauma that should have killed her and Auden supposes she'll survive this, too. It would just be so much easier to handle losing everything if she wasn't losing her best friend at the same time- and kicking herself for refusing all he offered.


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Free Short Story

Popcorn, Lollipops, and Porn, a short, completely porn-free story, is available now at all the usual online retailers. If Amazon's price-matching hasn't caught up, download the free version at Smashwords. The title refers to a line one of the characters uses to describe the contradictions in another's personality- "... she's a weird mix of things, like a bar that's also a bakery, or one of those all-night stores selling seemingly unrelated items..."

Not only does the story have no porn whatsoever, sadly, it has no sex or violence, either. There are a few cuss words to make up for it, though, and it's a darn good story. (If I do say so myself!) I loved the main character so much I'm designing a whole novel around her, which will be out before the icebergs are completely gone, we can hope. This is my favorite self-written short story, and a decent introduction to my writing if you're not ready to commit to a novel, though the style is starker than my usual, more LITERARY fiction than Lit FICTION, if that makes any sense.!

Aside: In the cover design at left you can see I'm working within the "look" I mentioned in my blog post on DIY publishing. I still like it. too.

What Sophie's Writing Now

Law and Legend- coming soon-ish.
What happens when a middle-class mom gets in way, way over her head? While trying to cope with the overwhelming emotional stress and physical demands of parenting a child with special needs, she makes an extremely bad choice. When an off-duty FBI agent witnesses her act of desperation, he's willing to "overlook" her crime in exchange for inside information only she can provide. They both know that if the bad guys catch her, she won't have to worry about prison anymore. She won't have to worry about anything at all.

Thank You All!